Long down puffy jacket

  1. Is it still okay to wear such a jacket? Or is it out-dated? The jacket I have in mind is similar but have no hood and much longer -- probably to the knee or lower.
  2. pic credit: northface.com
  3. Well it depends on how old you are and where you actuall wear it. If it is freezing by all means wear it. I like my Searle long down coat...it is a little more refined. J Crew also has a cute one this season in navy.
  4. I live in the Northeastern US and I see these jackets allllll the time. I think if you live somewhere where it gets extremely (like dangeriously) cold, it's understandable. But, where I live it's pretty temperate. It rarely gets below freezing.

    I personally think it looks a little silly when I see girls in mukluk boots and full length down coats when it's 40-something degrees outside. Somewhere like Chicago is a different story, though.
  5. I think if you want to wear it and it keeps you warm, then by all m eans do it
  6. I agree, unless you live somewhere where it drops below freezing then a down jacket isn't needed.

    In cold climates or for apres ski a lot of people wear long or short down coats, they're almost a must!
    I live in knee length down coats in winter here in Chicago. I love the Juicy Couture ones because I find them flattering compared to other brands, I just got a really cute one with a velvet belt that ties in a bow around the waist :love:
  7. I think it's needed where i'm from (MA). it gets pretty cold out here and when it's cold- i have no shame in wearing a long, down puffy jacket. DO ITTT!!
  8. I am in MA and it gets very cold here. I saw down coats everywhere last winter. I like them as long as they don't 'add weight' to your look. I actually have that North face coat I think (Metropolis) which looks better on me than that pix - mine is black cherry (dark purple). It's one of the only ones I found IRL that doesn't make you look really puffy, it's slimming & flattering. The hood is removable. It's not what I consider a dressy coat - its more sporty, but I have several wool/cashmere dressier coats. It also is not waterproof/repellent but I have an excellent ski coat for that. I plan on wearing my TNF coat again this winter:smile:
  9. i think it looks OK. not the *most* fashionable, but it definitely looks practical and not ugly at all
  10. Thanks all for your comments. I'm in canada so it does get cold around here. I saw a fitted long down coat and I was not sure whether I should get it or not. Now with all your comments, I'll go back and take a look at it again!