London Whole Foods

  1. Have any of you ladies been? What do you think? Also is it near the central tube line? I was thinking I may want to live in that area, but I don't know much about it at all except that it's near a Whole Foods which is a huge factor for me!
  2. Yes Ive been. The nearest tube is high street ken. Its nice, they have an excellent selection of fruit and veg among other things. Good quality products in general however it is more expensive than the regular supermarkets.

    You should def go check it out, even if you dont decide to buy anything or go back!
  3. i haven't been, but the whole foods is on high street kensington, but the end that's a fairly short walk to notting hill station which is on the central line. i could've sworn that there was also a fresh&wild in notting hill (they're owned by whole foods) but looking at the website it doesn't seem to be there anymore :confused1:
  4. Thanks for your help ladies, I'll be sure to check it out since it seems to be in the area I as planning to live in anyway. I move in the middle of August and I can't wait, though there are so many details to take care of, banking, phone service etc.

    Also, do you know what kind of deposit is customary for renting a flat? Is it one month's rent as a deposit? More? Less?
  5. In my neck of the woods, we call it "Whole Paycheck"

    Very, very pricey for what you get, IMO...

  6. i've never rented in the uk but i believe it's one or two months from what my friends have had to pay.

    i don't think i'd choose where i live based on whole foods being there though :lol: but i do think you have a waitrose on hsk as well as a sainsbury's and safeway (?). actually i'm not sure about the waitrose but you should have one near.
  7. Is this the same Whole Foods as the ones in the US? Their CEO is *NUTS*. He was caught posting under an anonymous name to stock info forums. It was all over the WSJ and business news last week. Very unethical.
  8. I was there last week. It was near our hotel. Nice place. I just came hungry. :shame:
  9. If you are going to be near high street ken then yes Whole foods wont be your only option, there is a Marks and Spencer Food hall and a Waitrose as well.

    If you have any questions about the area sugarywitch, feel free to ask!
  10. Thanks so much!! As the time gets closer I'm sure I'm going to have a TON more questions. I have a huge exam next week and then after that I plan the move for 2 weeks and arrive!

    To respond to the questions above, WF in the US is expensive too, but I'll be buying for one, so it won't matter too much. I'm originally from CA and I'm spoiled about produce. I live in Chicago now and WF seems to be one of the few places that has CA level produce so I'm hoping it will be the same there :smile:. Plus in the US they tend to have great butcher departments.

    I hadn't heard about the CEO thing, that's too bad.

    So to leave you ladies with a question, if you had to get to Bishopsgate each day (sans car) where would you live?!

  11. Hey I live in London too so if I can help with anything, just let us know!!

    You asked about the rent. They will check your credit history; I'm assuming you have no credit history in the UK so the desposit is likely to be around £800/£1000. I rent from my landlord and everything is under contract so this may vary if you rent in a different manner (e.g a license).

    Also, Bishopsgate is a wide area, depending on whee your office is, you can stop at Liverpool St, Bank or Monument?
  12. You guys are so wonderful, I have no idea about anything at this point! I'm not sure. Is 1000 pounds about the same as your monthly rent? I don't have a credit hx, but I can provide an offer letter with my salary etc. Also what is a license rental?
  13. if you want to live in kensington you'd be very, very, very lucky to get anything bigger than a closet for £1000.

    if you can get off at liverpool street or bank (and from what i remember bank and monument might actually be the same station but i hardly ever go to that area) you'd be fine living around hsk or notting hill, or if you wanted to be closer then you could live in bloomsbury i guess and be near tottenham ct rd or holborn. or you could do hampstead/belsize park/primrose hill and get the tube straight down to bank on the northern line, that's around where i live and it's very nice.

    btw, you'll probably have a small heart attack when you see the price of organic vegetables in the uk :roflmfao:
  14. HAHA I have a heart attack when I see the price of everything in the UK :smile:!

    I'm willing spend about 1500-1700 pounds per month, is that more doable?

    I've been seeing places online in the Kensigton and Notting Hill areas but I'm not clear as to whether or not they are desirable or good deals.