London ladies, please recommend a hair colourist

  1. Hi, I'm looking to get my hair coloured at a salon for the first time (i usually use home colourants) as I want something much lighter than my original hair colour. Can anyone recommend a good colourist in central London (zone 1)?

    Thanks so much
  2. I noticed no one has replied yet.. I cant really recommend a colorist but I have had my hair highlighted many times at Richard Ward, and it has always been done well.
    Did you have a particular salon in mind?
  3. Moga hair salon, which is near browns.. Note that the stylists are japanese, but i've seen that the colours after that are fabulous!!
  4. Thanks noon and vogue...

    I did a quick search for moga and went to their website... l think i might give this one a try since being asian chinese, the stylist will be more experienced with my hair type..

    thanks so much!
  5. ^I like their stylists.. You can try Takeshi for a cut. He's very very meticulous in his work. =)