1. Does it bother anyone else when you get emails or aims from someone and the person uses LOL as like the period for every sentence? :confused1: I just got an email and I swear all of the lines ended with LOL. It was basically like "Went to mall lol Had fun lol Bought (insert all of the stuff) lol Gotta go. lol" :cursing: I just can't stand that. Does it bother anyone else? :sad:
  2. nope, lol is just the 'like' of today.

    Like I went to the mall and like there was theis really cute guy and like we totally hit it off, like I am so excited....

  3. :wtf: I do that all the time. I must sound annoying. :sad:
  4. lol
  5. My friend does that in text messaging. Just as annoying.
  6. hahaha That's a bit much though.
  7. I hate lol! A lady at work includes lol in every single sentence she writes in e-mails. It drives me crazy.
  8. ^^^ Glad it's not only me.
  9. I hate it. I never use that.
  10. :roflmfao: ill use the smiley instead.
  11. I'm so bad...I do it all the time! Sometimes my e-mails can be a little too terse and I want to lighten them up. I don't want people to take me wrong...especially at work. lol :roflmfao:
  12. It should be used sparingly! That much is too much IMO. And no, I'm not going to say it...
  13. i don't think people are even laughing when they say lol.
    Most of the time I don't use lol and I just say haha. But I am guilty of using wtf and the like :sad:
  14. Lol Rofl
  15. I never LOL. I HAHA.