Lockit Horizontal vs. Multiple Cite

  1. Which one is more suitable for casual outtings such as shopping... I need a bag to put wallet, cell phone and some other baby stuffs like diapers, baby sweater, small tiny soft toys...basically i will carry the bag with my baby as I'm a full time homemaker. Thanks for all the advise.
  2. LH!!:heart:
  3. I think the LH is much more practical for what you're using it for :yes:
  4. I would say the LH. I've read that the mutiplcite can get a little heavy. It would be hard to carry a heavy bag and baby. Both bags are beautiful.......
  5. OMG the lockit H...:yes: I was out with mine yesterday and love it!:yahoo:

    No problems with adding stuff to the bag, scarf, gloves, all my stuff and more. It first well over my ski jacket (Which is a big plus for me). Its not heavy at all. No issue with the handles falling of your shoulder, i tend to tuck one under the other and its perfect.:wlae:
  6. Lh
  7. LH:heart:
  8. Most def the LH:heart: :heart:

    It literally holds tons and tons of things...yet is lightweight and comfy to carry and I agree w/Bag Fetish, I wear mine the same way - one strap tucked under the other and there is no issue with the handles falling down and as she said it fits well over jackets n such!!!
  9. For your needs, LH. Multiplicite is functional, but not as wide and has a lot of structure (adding heavyness and less room).
  10. yup, i'm going with the majority --LH!
  11. Lh!
  12. LH!!!:yahoo: *I think I am going to re-buy one!* :shocked:
  13. I agree. LH for what you would use it for. Multiplicite can get heavy, and the straps are not as "hand friendly" as the LH.
  14. well, that's great!:yahoo: i'm glad to see you still have some mono :heart: !:yahoo:
  15. I saw some pix of the LH recently,and it looked SO good, plus, it was stuffed witha bunch of stuff, with room to spare! and NO mention of it being heavy!