Lockit horizontal owners

  1. I'm really debating on buying this bag, but is it really big? Can I put it over my shoulders? Any help would be very nice!
  2. I have never liked Lockit untile I tried LH in the shop. You can put on the shoulder comfortably. It is big but not too big if compared with Saleya GM, which has wide base. This is one good choice!
  3. it is gorgeous!! I was able to fit it over my shoulder even with a coat on. don't have it yet though.
  4. yes! Get it! I really really love it! I carry alot of stuff and in this bag, there's even enough room for my other crap (pardon for my language hehe)
    You can carry it also over your shoulder even with a coat!
  5. I LOVE this bag... I think someone posted a pic in the LV in action thread and I loved it.. it's perfect if you love big bags.
  6. The handles will most def fit on your shoulder. It is a gorgeous bag! Go for it!
  7. Thank you for everyone's help. I greatly appreciated that!!! I'll definitely post pics when I get the bag.
  8. Yes, you can put it over your shoulder. If you check the visual thread in the reference section you will see a ton of pic's there.
  9. I own it and love it..it is my big bag and yes it fits over the shoulder...love the little lock on it too!!!
  10. It's a very roomy bag...the handles do fit over the shoulders, but I find one of them is always dropping on me !!!
  11. The horiziontal is def a very nice bag. I think it hung over shoulders very beautifully. And it is pretty roomy. Worth the buy