Lockit H - more pics please!

  1. hi, just wonder whether the bag is comfortably carried on shoulder... Aren't the straps are too short or just nice under the arm?? :confused1: Can anyone post the pics of the bag being carried on shoulder please. Thanks :heart:
  2. I'd love some more pics too. You can try the the lockit club in the lv clubhouse-there's alot of great lh pics in there!
  3. Some have said that b/c of the rolled handles it can be uncomfortable on the shoulders, but owners of LH that do fill it up say that it's fine. Maybe if you can try one on in your store, you'll get a better idea.

    I had the opportunity to try this on at the boutique and it didn't really bother me. also the handles aren't that big. I was able to put it on my shoulder with a light jacket on (like a trench coat).