lockit - epi or mono?

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  1. i'd like to get a lockit but i've been ding-donging between epi and mono....

    i like the low maintenence and understated elegance of the epi (i'll probably be getting it in black if i go epi), but epi seems a little dressy and formal, no?

    i'm not usually a mono person but i think the mono lockit is very cute and fun. but there's vachetta to worry about (esp the base)....

    i think i fell in :heart: with the mono one first but practicality kicked in and i started considering the epi.

    which would you choose? :smile:
  2. epi black or red
  3. I'd go with epi, but not black. You're right, it is a little dressy and formal. And thats ok, but if you don't usually dress formal, then it wouldn't really suit the look. I say go epi, but a different colour...red?
  4. I don't think I'll ever really like epi... I don't like the stiffness and even though it's leather I don't like the way it looks. I would go with the mono.
  5. epi most definately
  6. I just recently bought a mono lockit as my first LV and I absolutely love it! I get lots of compliments on it and you can wear it with anything. As for the vachetta...I was a little paranoid at first, but I bought some Wilson's leather protector spray and used it before I took the purse out for the first time. It's been a little over 2 weeks and has been used every day and has even been through a little rain, but there is not a mark on the vachetta (even on the bottom!). I highly recommend it :tup:
  7. I prefer the Epi, esp the black with silver hardware - its very chic. All of the lockits are lovely though, you cant go wrong!
  8. I would go for mono:

    As you I'm not a very big mono fan but the lockit in mono is very cute! I would get an other item in epi later...
  9. Mono. I'm not a big fan of the epi line, and i think the lockit looks best in mono or suali
  10. I'm with JuiceBox about Epi. so Mono!!!!!!
  11. I prefer the lockit in epi! Ivoire or Red!
  12. I love the Lockit in epi black. But I like that it looks formal. You fell in love with the Mono, so buy the Mono, get some leather protector for the vachetta and rock the bag!
  13. appreciate all the comments :smile: do i see a slight majority in favour of the epi?

    i'm inclined to get the mono because i fell in :heart: with it first, but i'm liking the epi more and more.

    what a sweet dilemma. sometimes i think agonising over a purchase is half the fun. :lol:
  14. I do like the Lockit in Epi, but I like it better in Mono and Suhali.

    I say go for the classic Mono. ;)
  15. EPI!!!!! Maybe try a non-black color to spice it up!!! I hate having to worry about all the vachetta on the mono too!