1. What do you think about the new line Lockheart? I have been seeing them in Nordstrom's and in some boutiques in LA?
  2. I think they are expensive, heavy, and a little too ornate for me.
  3. I saw the gold shade of the Lockheart-tried it on and loved it-but I just bought a Mulberry so I can't buy another one now. I have posted several times about them though!
    [​IMG] LOVE this one!
  4. I don't like them as much as the original Isabella Fiore bags and when they came out I had hoped that's what we would be seeing. After all the Pirates and Hearts on IF bags I was ready for their old flavored bags. I liked seeing alot more leather but they are more ornate than I care for.
  5. I like the salma satchel on Saks.com
  6. I saw them on Saks.com. I didn't feel anything one way or the other. I think if they came out with more interesting colors that would be better. The shapes are nice, but I already have so many similar type bags in those colors.
  7. I like the one kiss-lock frame bag.
  8. I saw some of them at Nordstrom a couple weeks ago. I loved the ones I saw...they were off-white, and very ornate.
  9. I saw those too...were they the ones that looked like leather ribbons threaded through? I liked them too, loved the large tote one.