Locating a Louis Vuitton Stephen?

  1. Can anyone help me locate a fauve Louis Vuitton Stephen? I've seen one once locally but it was on hold. I know where I can find the grey, but I'm really interested in the fauve (caramel color).

    If any of you have seen this bag around, can you please tell me the location of the LV store you saw it at?

    Thank you so much for your time!:yes:
  2. Why don't you call the main Louis Vuitton customer service line and have them track it for you?
  3. the number is 1-866-VUITTON. i'm sure they can help you try to locate one, if there is any in stock.
  4. there was one in the window at charlotte's LV but i didn't ask if it was for sale. also there was the square shaped bag similar to it, sorry can't remember the name right now!
  5. Thank you so much for all your help. I called the number you gave me Siworae. They were very helpful, but suggest that I'd be put on a waitlist. I'm already on a waitlist at my local LV. Thanks pigleto972001. I just tried calling the LV in Charlotte. I guess they already closed for the evening because of the time difference. I'm a new member so I don't know if its ok to post a long message but....I saw this bag at my local LV a week ago and I called on Tuesday morning at 10am and they said that they still had it. I ask the SA to put it on hold for me. I said that I could come in on Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon around 2:00pm I called back to make sure that they pulled it from the floor. I got a different SA and he said that it was on hold for someone else until Thursday. He said that she was coming in on Thursday with cash. I told him that I called at 10am and that it was still on display in the shoe section, and that they were to put it away for me. To make a really long story longer....I went in on Wednesday and the bag was still there. They pulled it from the back and showed it to me again. I told them the whole story how I asked for it to be put on hold first. They placed a phone call to the other buyer while I was waiting and she decided that she would do a charge send, right then! The SA felt bad about what happened to me, but they said they didn't know when another one was coming in. That is why I'm trying to do the research on my own. I'm not the type of person who forces the issue, but I didn't think that I was going to have a hard time finding another one. So I really appreciate if any of you can spot one for me. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks pinkiwhatever99. I saw that. The auction doesn't end for a few days, and if you read her latest post, she said that if she doesn't get more than $4,000 then she would end the auction and relist. I think that I would rather try getting it on my own first. That way I have all the original docs. Thanks!
  7. This is one gorgeous bag ! Hope you get it !
  8. Thanks!
  9. Good Luck!!!! :yes:
  10. Good luck! I saw one a few weeks ago at LV SCP, it's probably gone now though...
  11. there's one on display in beverly center, CA...
  12. Hi rensky, Please tell me when you saw that. Was it today? If so I'm calling first thing in the morning. Did anyone notice the ebay auction featuring this bag just got pulled. What's up with that? I was very surprised!
  13. eluxury has them right now.