lizard kelly...

  1. are these hard to take care of??
  2. I'd love to know the answer to this too.
    I think HG said she saw a peeled lizard bag and at that point it just couldn't be fixed. Something about sending it to the spa every year to prevent this?
  3. No, it is not. However if u use always & clumsy, wear + tear will be unavoidable. :push: Sending it 2 a spa every yr is not a gd idea and may be unnecessary.:rolleyes: why not get a box/croc kelly?:idea:
  4. Dior24, could you please explain a bit more? I don't have a lizard bag but I'd love to know. How do you take care of it normally? And why is sending to a spa every year not a good idea?
    I remember talking to Claude in NYC about sending my black Box Kelly to the spa and he said to do it every year. I realize lizard is different, so I'd love to know more.
  5. lizard in interesting, because it adds an extra dimension that makes the bag great for wearing out to dinner, rather than just as a day time bag. It is not as in your face a croc. I love lizard, but am a bit scared of killing my bag ...
  6. I've received conflicting info about this: some SA's say it's fine, but that's usually because they don't know.

    I was told that it's the craftspersons' least favorite type of exotic though, since it has a tendency to dry out over time and peel. The reason for an annual spa visit is probably to oil the skins and keep them moist, in order to keep this from happening.

    So with regular maintenance, it'll probably do okay, but I guess it's up to the individual whether they feel like dealing with that.