little stam interior question

  1. Hi MJ lovers, I made my first MJ purchase of a black little stam from recently and I absolutely love it, and hope to take it out for the first time tonight! :smile:

    I just had one question though, I noticed on eluxury, the interior has a brass name plate, where on mine and shown on the diabro site, its different. Does anyone know if this is a difference for the new Spring 2007 little stam? Thanks!

    Diabro interior photo (the one i have)

    Eluxury interior photo
  2. hi I'm not an expert but I think the newer stams don't come with the brass name plate any longer :smile:
  3. The updated ones don't have the cream interior and brass plate. It is a brown/linen interior.
  4. That's a shame. I like the brass plate better. That's why I like the classic collections better :smile:
  5. Aww, too bad the new ones don't have the brass plate inside anylonger... it does look nicer. Thanks for the info! :smile: