Little note...

  1. I've been using Eluxury a lot lately and eBay to track down pictures/prices and items not on Eluxury, and I think we should all remember to keep passwords on certain accounts rotating/changing especially if some HOLD your card number and info for you.

    Also- hints too, because it's sometime easier to forget the hint password too.

    Just my opinion. :smile:
  2. great advice! I hope nothing bad happened to you to make you want to post this!!!

    btw..I WANT MY AZUR AGENDA!!!!! lol

  3. :supacool: Azur agenda is so cool. Azur makes ya feel like the smiley just "hanging around" mmmuuuaahaahaa!!!

    No, nothing happened *knock* I'm just a very bad worry wort when it comes to things like that.
  4. Great advise! Will do. ;)
  5. thx for the responsible reminder!