little $$$ difference between a white gold chain? and a w/g EMPREINTEpendant/chain!?

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  1. mmm...

    the only (gold) pendant that comes with a this one...

    i bought the LV Logo charm last year...and still don't know what lace to buy...

    1...the leather lace...but he told me today that...the lace will wear and wear and wear and in summer...because of heat/humid/sweat...the lace will rip...!? so no for the leather lace...
    2...a white gold chain...AUD $1550...(Q92004)
    3...a white gold EMPREINTE pendant+white gold chain...AUD $1750...(Q93125)

    i don't know why...the EMP pendant+chain is only...$200 more...

    than the

    white gold$1550...hmmm

    :confused1:any idea...?
  2. I don't know too much about LV fine jewelry, but have you considered just getting a non-LV branded gold chain? The picture you have posted looks like either a rolo or cable chain, similar to the ones Tiffany and lots of other jewelry stores have.
  3. My initial thoughts exactly!
  4. Yeah that's what I'd do's basically the same thing just without LV's name attached to it (and a much better buy too). This is one item I wouldn't NEED to be LV.
  5. my ocd...
    is saying...if LV + LV isn't calculated...= error 1...
  6. if you really want the chain to be Louiv Vuitton then gor for the Empreinte
    I saw it and it is really gorgeous!!
    I think the price is OK for a piece of fine jewelry
  7. Antonio I couldn't agree with you more. This necklace is on its way to me right now from San Fransisco! I will post pics when it arrives. I can hardly wait!:love:
  8. I totally agree, the chain is nothing special for that much, i would go a different store
  9. Yep, go for a non LV chain. Who is really going to know that the chain is not LV. If you want an LV one, then go for the empreinte one.
  10. You can get nice 18ct White Gold chains for as little as $90 - I mean a chain is a chain and I'm sure there isn't much difference between a normal unbranded one and a Louis Vuitton one.

    But if it has to be Louis Vuitton then I'd get the Empreinte one...
  11. madein18 - so did you end up getting the EMP pendant? I was thinking of getting it's so pretty...!
  12. go for the Empriente necklace. i think its the best value and you can wear both pendant and LV charm at the same time. im thinking of getting one in yellow gold too.
  13. :crybaby:my new thread...


  14. ~I'm DEF. thinking abt. the same thing:yes:~