Little Amy Enjoys Reading The Purse Forum

  1. You may have remembered that six weeks ago I lost my beloved 15 yr. old KeeKee to renal failure. I adopted little Amy from the Humane Society two weeks ago today. She is a darling, sweet and very active one year old girl who seldom seems to be still, other than when she is sleeping...or reading The Purse Forum. I thought that you might like see Amy enjoying the same thing that we do.....
  2. cute pose!!

    I downloaded a cat and mouse program years ago that had a little cat that would run around on your computer screen and meow. My cat (see avatar) would go crazy running around my monitor trying to find the little kitty!! :smile:
  3. Oh, I bet that was fun to watch...Cute cat you have there!
  4. Awww that is adorale!

  5. Thank you - your cat is very cute as well!!
  6. she's adorable! and very well trained.
  7. Thanks, I'm trying. With her cute face (as seen in the avatar) it is hard to say "NO"!...but I find myself saying it alot as she adjusts to her new home as a one year old girl.
  8. :lol: I love that pic.
  9. haha She wants to have the same interests as mommy! How thoughtful of her.
  10. Too cute! My cats do that too but don't sit still long enough for a picture.
  11. OMG, next thing you know she's going to be ordering from ELux! She's precious!
  12. Funny! Aw, thanks...look at your two adorable canine sweet.
  13. She's so cute. I love kitties!
  14. I can see why..Look at all of yours! Cute!
  15. One of my cats helps me with typing, studying, and even cleaning the computer screen! She has always been a computer kitty every since she was a kitten. She used to sleep on my laptop until she grew out of that... She used to help me type things and now she likes to lay across my arms while typing... Her name is "Star"
    Star kitten.JPG
    Star helping MRI Made Easy.jpg