Listing says BNT with box on ebay but...

  1. Hi,

    I just purchased LV scarf of eBay. They said it was brand new and would come with box. I thought it would make a great mother's day gift.

    I sent payment and now the seller said she could not find a box any where in her house. Dah. I live pretty far from any of the LV boutique and no point driving 40 miles each way just to get a box. Since box doesn't cost any, I can't ask her partial refund, right? What can I do ?

    I want to hear what everyone here has to say about this situation. :confused1:

    TIA !
  2. yes ask her for some money of
    Its only fiar as her description was wrong
    funny but a box, etc makes such a big difference when its a gift
  3. I agree, the seller should refund you at least a little bit of money. You bought it as a gift and how do you give a scarf as a gift without a box?

    The seller should be accommodating. Perhaps she will REALLY look for that box again!

  4. Yes def. tell her it is for your mother and a gift.
    Perhaps she will find it!
    If not, need a credit!
  5. I'm just wondering though... how much of a return can a person get when it's just the box?
  6. >How much of a return can a person get when it's just the box?

    That's what I am wondering. I feel cheated but I don't know if I can get partial refund for the box. She also claimed she would send receipt upon request but not sure if she included. I asked for it, though.

    I am disappointed with the outcome.
  7. If I were you I would first email her and explain that it's a gift and that you bid on the item to whatever dollar amount partly based on the fact that a box was included. Perhaps she is somewhere where she can go to a LV store and get one. Or maybe she can look harder for it. Mention that you will consider a partial refund if a box can't be provided but don't mention a dollar amount yet. Maybe she can provide a box or if not by then you will have gotten more responses from tPF people and will have had more time to think over the dollar price of a box.

    May I ask how much you bought the scarf for and how much it retailed for originally?
  8. It was actually a bandana and I believe retail was $150 or so. I paid just about that price ($15 more) with shipping since they were no longer available at the store or elux.

    I emailed her. Let's see what she will say.
  9. I think she can either find you a box, or offer you at least $25.00 credit & I am totally serious about this- the box is a huge part of LV, in my opinion & you bought this with the understanding that a box was included!
  10. Sound advice. I'm in total agreement.

    Was the box mentioned in listing? Good Luck!
  11. I agree with the others.

    And really, if you look on eBay. Anything with tags, or a box, or a dustbag.....will generally go for MORE on eBay then the exact same item without any of those. EVEN though, those things dont cost anything.
  12. The fact that you clearly stated box was included in sale escaped me the first time around-(let's attribute my oversight to fatigue so as to allow me to save face) :shame:

    How does one LOSE a box that was in their possession when item was listed? It seems only fair that she credit you for loss. Please let us know the outcome. GOOD LUCK!
  13. What kind of box should it have come in? I have some boxes that slide and can send you one if that would help. PM me if you are interested.
  14. Keep us updated.
    Would like to know the outcome
  15. I think after receiving several emails from me and asked her for partial refund, she must have felt guilty.
    She said she found another box (5.5"X9") and she would send it to me.

    >How does one LOSE a box that was in their possession when item was listed?

    My thought exact. AND listing said it was Brand New, Never worn. If I were her, I would have just kept it in the box. I will let you know when I receive everything.

    Thanks for all of your input ! You guys are awesome.:party: