Listing a Hermes Birkin, Should I hide Craftsman ID #?

  1. I am considering listing a Hermes Birkin on eBay. If I include a photo of the craftsman ID and year stamp am I giving away information that would lead Hermes to know which bag I am selling and who I am? Is this information something better left covered? Thanks.
  2. I think you should show it on the pic so ppl won't ask you for more pics again and I don't think if you hide it, faker can't find it. They've so much ideas such they'll act like serious potential buyer and ask you for more pics. That's the way they can get pics of that but don't worry, even they've identically ID# etc, they still can't make mirror fake of Hermes Birkin ;) Hermes lover can detect the fake.
  3. Good points ^^ but I think the OP was asking whether Hermes who understandably aren't that keen on their bags appearing on eBay would identify her from the listing. Is that right Theartofacquisition?

    I am really sorry but I don't know, however there are so many wise Hermes experts here I am sure someone can help.
  4. Make sure you watermark all your pictures so no one else can steal them and use them for a fake auction. I always do this whenever I sell an expensive item.
  5. As you have over 500 postings, can you not sell your Birkin here on tPF?
  6. why not just send a pic if anyone asks you for one via email instead of putting it on the auction iteself. i wouldn't want to risk putting my hermes sales life on teh line if that is possible.
  7. I vaguely remember you listing a Blue jean in the past year or so on eBay - I'm sure whatever you did then is fine. The stores don't keep track of who bought the bag based on the craftsman who made your bag - KWIM?

    I would defintely post pics, otherwise you'll keep on getting requests for it.
  8. can you post this in the hermes section? i mean, it is an ebay selling question, but they might know for sure over there.
  9. I would suggest trying to sell it here at the Forum. Your market here saturated with bag lovers.
  10. The only reason I know of that an authentic Hermes seller blocks off the craftspersons stamp is to prevent the makers of the fake bags from using this on their fake bags.

    Really it is a good idea, I should do that on my Ebay auctions.
  11. I think I am feeling that I should block it off. I did sell a Hermes bag before, but I know people that have also and been discovered by Hermes. I don't know whether it was from that number or the receipt copy they showed. Could have been one, the other, or both. I don't want it to happen to me. Thanks for your advice.
  12. Some one at Hermes is actually tracking this sort of stuff? Wow! That's scary.:wtf:
  13. It seems more likely that it's traced from the receipt #