Lipstick Red Chanel Bag

  1. Would anyone happen to know when Chanel will be releasing a lipstick red lambskin flap bag with gold chain? Thanks so much! :heart:
  2. wahhh this is HTF! calisnoopy recently got one in med/large size lambskin off eBay! woohoo it was totally hot :drool:
  3. Btw, u are lookin for the lipstick red, it's a vintage color flap....u have to try ur luck on eBay and i have seen a few sold last yr or so:love:

    GL in ur search:heart:
  4. i live in hope of them repeating this colour ~ fingers crossed fanbran :girlsigh:
  5. ^^^Me too. I hope Chanel releases lipstick red bags in the future, especially flaps, with either silver or gold hardware.
  6. Let's pray for this Fall:girlsigh:
  7. Yes, lets :girlsigh: THAT would be divine.