Liposuction and body fat transfer kakao groupchat


Feb 16, 2019
Hi! I’m getting liposuction and hip up (or bbl surgery) in two weeks in Korea, and I’ll be sharing my experience on this kakao groupchat. If you want information about the procedures or share experience you can also discuss it on there ☺
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Korea lipo/body fat transfer


May 13, 2021
How did it go? I went to 365mc for my abdominal liposuction. It’s been 2wks and I’m still swollen but looking forward to what’s to come.

maggie jo

New Member
May 22, 2021
I did a fat transfer for breast augmentation at Fresh Plastic Surgery off the Sinsa line. As a foreigner living in Korea, I could not have asked for a better experience! The expert who helped me spoke excellent English and ensured I was comfortable at every step. I elected to do a different procedure at another clinic, and I wish I had done it with FRESH, where there are no hidden costs. I am two weeks post op and am looking forward to seeing how much fat takes!