Lipo dress help? (one week countdown)

  1. Hey there!

    One week from today (8th Thurs) im going in for some "body work" as well. I'm having inner and outer thigh lipo aswell as inner knees and "love handles".

    Ive mentioned earlier that i am VERY scared of the procedure, and some of you lovely forumers have been so sweet wth your messages of support and have really made me feel better. Compared to what Swanky has been though, mine is a much lighter procedure and I completely envy her positive attitude!:yes:

    Now, I wanted to ask you guys if you could help me out.
    Because i'm having knee work done as well I will be wearing a pressure garment (like long cycle shorts or tights) down to my mid calf.:yucky:
    As it's the summer (i'll be travelling to beirut in July) and itll be hot I think I will be wearing mostly dresses and for the garment not to show, really long maxi length ones.

    As you guys might remember I had my house robbed and I am starting my summer wardrobe from scratch. Anyone have some pretty floor length dress ideas? I dress quite 70's-esque and maybe sligtly hippy grunge vintagey. Keep in mind I have quite a large bust.

    My budget is about 250max for each dress. Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. the magazine, Shop, actually just had a feature with several cute maxi dresses. It's in the July issue, but I think someone posted a few here -- I'll look for the thread. I love long, flowing, "hippy" style dresses on occassion as well and think that they would be great for your purposes -- covering legs but staying cool:smile:
  3. good luck with the procedure! i'm sure you'll be very happy with the results!

    i really like these (both from
    the model wearing this one seems to have a larger than average bust and i think the straps are thick enough that it would be easy to wear a halter bra with.
    you might have to wear a strapless bra with that one, but i loooove the pattern
  4. :love: hey girl!

    Keep in mind that there's a lot of swelling afterwards! You probably already know that, but others may not. Slim fitting dresses are probably not a great idea until a few months post-op.;)
    You're such a beautiful girl, you're going to look and recover fabulously!:flowers:
  5. Hi, very best of luck with your operation, it will be fine I am sure. I have seen some fab long summer dresses, one at french connection for 90 poundish that you can dress up or down! hope they fit the bill :smile:


    the orange one on topshop is a very similar shape, and in a lovely orange colour. You cannot copy the piccies from topshop, but if you go on line at and click on dresses, it is right near the end.
  6. Good luck with your surgery! I'm sure you will be fine!:yes:

    I'm 4 weeks out since my tummy tuck and breast reduction and still have some swelling. My first reaction was to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes, but I held back. I had quite a bit of swelling in the beginning and I am still wearing a binder around my tummy. I would definitely buy something comfortable and more loose fitting for the first couple of weeks post-op.
  7. Swankymom, how are you feeling?
  8. Ohh!!! Thanks everyone for the fast replies!

    Amanda...the first one is PERFECT! I like that so much. I might go for it because it can be dressed up or down. The second one you put up, i've actually looked at, it's very "me" but Id don't think I can hide my boobs anywhere :sad:

    Swanky; Thanks babe! I don't even thinnk I WANT to do tight fitting dresses as it'll feel to hot. Esp with the calf length garment (I got te zippered AND the unzippered. White and champagne.

    Chloe-babe, I have afrench connection just down the road, i'll ave a look at that! I LOVE the skirt part, though ot a huge fan of the top part. It looks baggy (i have a tiny waist and i like showing it off ;)

    These are fantastic ideas! pls keep them coming"!

    I have been stalking a pair of trousers. I am inlove with them and i'll do anything to get hold of them.
    They had them on and I ordered them last wekk (along wit a gorgeous juicy dress- way over priced may I add) and they just got back to me saying the trousers are sold out!
    But they had them when I ordered them! grrrr.

    Anyway, please can someone help me find theses? They are the "seaside pant" by C & C California. They cost about $88.00 but im willing to pay a little more to get them. I need them in a size large.

    The girl in the pic is wearing them in white. ANY colour exapt pink and purple will do.
  10. there are quite a few c&c pieces in Selfridges. Have you tried there ? :smile:, and I think that rainbow dress has a tie at the waist that you can tie as tight as you like, so might well work :smile:
  11. a little better every day, thank you!:heart:

    London, I totally agree! The first one Amanda posted is hot! You'd look gorgeous in that frock!:yes:
  12. Aww, sadly selfridges, HN and browns only stock tops. I called them all. Im stalking the trousers!

  13. Oh! You are an angel! How sweet of you! I'm going to loook throught them now.

    Im dying for the trousers...if anyone out there is close to a store that sells c&c could you please pop in and see if they have them there? PLEASE!!!
  14. If you can't find them, pm me and I will give you an email to someone who can make those for you to your specifications. I think you should be able to get them for around 100 pounds...maybe she will give you a deal for more than one pair:graucho: Let me know how the work goes...I am going to do just that too, one of these days! Gettin gmy nerve up!