Lion on my Ergo and Keyfob pics!

  1. I finally took pics tonight of my new yummy keyfobs!! The lion is to DIE for on my vintage leather Ergo hobo. What do you think??? I love my new babies!!!
    fobs1.jpg fobs2.jpg fobs3.jpg
  2. Those keyfobs are too cute and really make such a fun addition to your stunning bag!
  3. That Ergo is beautiful! :drool: What a cute zoo you have going!
  4. I LOVE the lion!!!!!!! And it looks GREAT on your ergo!!!!
  5. Very cute! Congrats!
  6. They are all so cute! The lion looks great with that colour leather!
  7. Those keyfobs are sooo cute, and you know how much I love that ergo tote! It's such an awesome bag! Very cute choices! Uh...where's your turtle?;)
  8. it looks awesome on your ergo!!!
  9. Candy ~ The Lion is sooo cute & looks perfect on your ergo, congrats on all your fobs!!:yes:
    I should be getting my Lion and Frog today, I'm excited!!:yahoo:
  10. Those look so great!!! I wonder how the Tucan would look on the Turquoise Ergo!!!?!?:tup:
  11. The Lion really compliments your ergo! What a good pair. The other keyfobs are adorable too!
  12. So cute I love them all! That liom goes perfect with your ergo!
  13. oooh.... i love the lion too, he's so cute!
    matches perfectly with your tan ergo, congrats on all the lovely keyfobs :tup:
  14. Thank you!!!
    I think the toucan would look BRILLIANT on a turquoise Ergo. ;);) It's so cute! I dunno why but having that adorable lion on my bag just makes me smile everytime I put that bag on my shoulder. Accessories are fun! ;D
  15. Your new keyfobs are very cute! I agree, the lion looks great paired with your ergo! :tup: