1. Is it just me or is the lining on Balenciaga bags kinda thin? I'm always paranoid about ripping the lining. I would love bbags even more if they had velvet lining.
  2. the lining is actually kinda thin.... but i think it suits the bag better than if it was velvet :smile:
  3. i never had problem with the lining all this time though :P
    i think it's strong enough :yes:
  4. I haven't had any problems, but I wish the lining was soft black suede. That's what I miss most about carrying balenciaga bags after marc jacobs had my heart with the luxurious suede linings in his bags.
  5. the lining is thin but i think it's sturdy and durable enough as long as you don't carry heavy or sharp objects in it so the leather will keep it's shape.
  6. The 2004 Twiggy that I bought (:heart: ) had been carried *a lot* by the original owner and the lining has worn through. I am not sure how to explain it, but if there is a ripple in the leather on the inside, it is worn through there (I guess from rubbing against things carried in the handbag?) and there was a small hole above the pocket. I was able to darn the hole above the pocket, but not repair the other wear. I did wonder if Balenciaga would replace the liner inside the bag, but never did get around to calling them on it. I adore the bag and use it, the wear is not bad enough to not use it basically.

    I wish you well,

  7. oh no, i don't think i WANT a suede lining :P
    it'll make the bag's heavy and hard to cleaned
  8. I second Sea !!!!!!!
    The actual lining is perfect for me !!!!!!!!!