Lining of Denim Bag, Carly, black bag and wristlet

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]/ you what do you think goes with what? Keep the wristlet or match the bag and not worry about transfer and fuzz, or keep the hatural french tan legacy. ? The black bag is the Carly I got at the outlet. Thanks for waiting for these.....
  2. I'm not sure which ones you are trying to match? All the pics are beautiful! Where did you find the black Carly?
  3. The little black demi Carly in leather was found returned from a store in the St. Augustine outlet and it was $209.00 minus 20%...what a buy! I love it, it is so pretty. The gold Carly was from a store in Jacksonville. I am trying to decide that if I do keep the denim tote, after making sure they give me one with a strap that does not have a stitch and a piece of leather loose, whether I should get the matching wallet in denim and just not worry about transfer to the legacy lining. or to justs keep the natural french legacy purse which goes with absolutely everything. I have a lot of wristlets, but only one pink leather wallet. I got an ebony and khacki wristlet from DH before I got the bag that matches it, but I do not have that french wallet. Now how many wallets do iI need???LOL..... . .
  4. the transfer of legacy lining would break my heart. if its inside your bag, you really dont NEED to match, but if you have to, i say forget about denim. keep the neutral legacy french wallet.