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  1. besides victorias secret.. where else is a good place to get lingerie online?
  2. Depends on your tastes, I suppose, but I've gotten things from Not as "prissy" as VS, but good "utilitarian" undies and such.
  3. Ooops, I'll move to the Wardrobe for you ;)

  4. I buy all my lingerie from
  5. BareNecessities is a good site as well. No tax and free shipping usually.
  6. what kind of lingerie? daily or naughty? for naughty, is verrrrry nice!
  7. madamefifi.. whats up with the fifi thingy?? lol
  9. THNKAS guys..

    well SO coming soon. so wanted prett/naughty
  10. just a coincidence!:P