Linen B-bag?

  1. In NM a week or two ago, I saw what looked like a natural-colored linen First with French Blue trim. It was really pretty (too bad I'm broke right now:rolleyes: ) but that's the only one like it that I've ever seen.

    Anyone know anything about these - are they new for spring? do they come in other colors? or have I just been living under a rock lately?:shame:
  2. I saw a white linen Breif on Aloha Rag's latest PDF...

    Not sure if the linen style has been around before now?

    I know that in the past there have been floral printed b-bags called the etoile
  3. ^ Yes, I had seen the floral print bags before, but never the solid color linen with bright trim.
  4. I've seen the linen with vert gazon trim at the NM in Las Vega. I thought it was very cute and would look good for spring or summer.
  5. Yes, they are new for spring.

    They have the natural linen with Red, French Blue, Vert Gazon, Brown, and White trim this season.

    It comes in: First, City, Work, Part Time, Day, and the Brief styles.

    They are the same prices as the styles in leather. I like them a lot but they are oh so delicate.

    Last year they did the floral toille and the floral black/white damask...and the paisley (hook bags)
  6. ^ Thanks for the info :flowers:

    I really liked the First I saw. Time to start saving:graucho:
  7. Balenciaga has done Linen bags before (check out the thread on ateliernaff - atelier.naff: Design evolution (yes, it's another Balenciaga post)), as well as a Canvas line in 2005. The canvas line consisted of either a very bright Apple Green with Black Leather trim or a very bright Lemon Yellow with Black Leather Trim. However, I think there might have been other colors ... I just remember these two because I have the Apple Green Canvas Work and Anna Kournikova was pictured carrying the Lemon Yellow version.

    I also remember a natural Linen bag with Red Leather trim ... some years ago at Barneys NY, but I don't know if it was a special edition.
  8. linens are nice but i wonder if it's hard to take care of??!!??
  9. I saw a Black with Black Trim (...or was it marine trim??)..but I wasn't too taken with them...don't really fancy having a creased looking bag...JMHO