~*~ Linea Pelle Chat thread! ~*~

  1. BING is the new improved tracking system (demographics, target advertising, etc.)
    I'm not sure I want bing in my business. That's what they're paying us for, though.

    On a lighter note, what brought us to LP ? My 'discovery' was by coming across LP on a Dylan (Bob) search. Next thing you know I fell for Ashley and that became my first LP. With so many new women here suddenly, I wondered if there was a common reason. I think a lot of the new styles are especially nice for young moms.

  2. Hi, I'm new here. I just bought the LP BCA Dylan bag in fuschia during the sample sale and I'm not sure if I like it. I've never had a pink bag before and I need to be talked into keeping it. I love the leather and style though . . .
  3. Hi Stormy, I discovered LP after I joined TPF in FEB 08. I was already a fan of HH, Botkier and RM then, however, was not too familiar with LP at the time. Then I saw somebody's collection posted and really liked how her 1 LP bag looked (I believe it was an Anthracite Dylan Double handle that she had, which, btw, I own one of now ;)). My discovery of this amazing brand couldn't have happened at a more opportune time as it was just right before their on-line SS started. I now own 10 LP bags plus 5 wallets. Will take a pic of my collection one of these days so I can share them with all of you. IMHO, LP has the thickest, most puddly, chewy leather bags.....and they have such beautiful, rich-looking colours! I :love:my LPs (not to mention that they have the BEST CS, ever......especially, DANI;)).

  4. What brought me to LP? Well I was at NM last call actually looking for Koobas. I found a Kooba I wanted but I just totally fell in love with an LP black patchwork Dylan bag too. I'd never heard of LP before then. That was a couple of years ago and I've since fallen in love and purchased about 6 LP bags. Maybe more actually. I love the leather and the details. They are great bags for the money. LOVE THEM! I think I am more of an LP devotee than a Kooba follower at this point, due to the leather qualities. They are hip, comfortable, stylish bags and they are very unique. I love the fact that most people have never heard of LP (as opposed to Coach and some of the other brands), and I really like the boho styling but they are still very good quality bags. Love them. The same things that originally drew me to Kooba are not really drawning me to Kooba any more these days. (Although I will be keeping my eyes open for the return of the Sienna!!!).

    Love me some LP and I get compliments alllllll the time......
  5. The fushia is gorgeous eye candy! I usually buy black and brown bags b/c then I don't have to worry about matching or clashing but pink is such an eye grabber (in a good way!) and much more interesting than black and brown IMO. Enjoy!
  6. Are there any navy colored LP bags available now? I don't know why but I'm craving navy!
  7. There's midnight. That looks like kind of a blueish-black in the photos.
  8. I did see the midnight Lola bags. Do you know if it comes in any other styles?
  9. Anthracite, Marine or Cobalt are all navy and show up on ZeeBay sometimes.
  10. Are you always this lucky ?
  11. Can't wait for the pictures ! How would you compare LP to your Botk and RMs ?
    ITA Dani is the greatest !
  12. I think it's more a raspberry or magenta color than pink. It really is a very wearable color and is one of the bags that has earned back-up (2nd) status !
    If you search this sub forum you'll finds lots of love for BCA fuchsia.
    Danielle Fuchsia is more like the flower.
    Do you wear a lot of cool colors ? It works with all of them, and pops against brown and olive, too. I don't wear black with pinks, but many enjoy that combination.
  13. There was a midnight dylan bowler a while back. Someone actually put one on eBay a few weeks ago but I don't know if it ever sold. It didn't sell the first time it was posted - I was watching it but never pulled the trigger. I don't know if there was anything else in midnight.
  14. Speedys, shoulder bags, totes, double handle style, the whole lineup.
  15. I would also describe it as raspberry. I have it. It's a softer magenta or a raspberry. It's not bright pink at all. It pretty much goes with anything - and it's a GREAT size. Holds all my junk but doesn't feel like a "large" bag. I have it in black and "fuschia" -- but fuschia is not really the right word to describe the color, like stormy said.