~*~ Linea Pelle Chat thread! ~*~

  1. Thank you all for your comments -- I usually stick with black and brown bags so I feel a bit self conscious wearing something bright. Time to break out of my rut. I think the black and pink combination isn't right for me so I think I'll try it with jeans and a t-shirt or something similar. :smile:
  2. Thanks! It's great to have an LP expert here.
  3. I also have both BCA black and fuscia. I find them plain and small in design but I love the color of the fuscia! Wish they had done a fancier model in it. I also bought the wallet. I think its one of my favorite colors!
    I have the purple Alyssa and that is just plain bright where the fuscia is not. you will learn to love it!
  4. I'm thinking about getting a LP bag in the citrine color. Can anyone who's seen the color in person tell me if it's very yellow or more of tan shade? Thanks for your help!
  5. Anyone have a pic of the new green color Loden?

    I see that it is an option in one of the new cuffs, but now swatches.
  6. Loden? That's what I would call LP's Olive. Have they come out with a Loden? :nuts:
  7. I used to have a Dylan zip tote in Citrine- definitely more khaki shade than yellow, very pretty neutral.
  8. I have a citrine clutch adn its yellow but not bright garish yellow. The topaz is more orangy otherwise they are quite close in color.
  9. Yeah - the fuscia BCA bag and wallet definitely are not "bright." They are more colorful than the black or brown bags of course, but I would not in any way say they are bright.
  10. :bump: Ok girls.. I dug this up from PG 2... it keeps falling off... USE IT!!

  11. Ok, I'll keep the discussion going. I ended up selling the BCA Fuschia Tote on eBay about a week ago and buying a Med. Black Dylan Tote from Luna Boston. The Wilson's TLC Leather & Suede Protector just arrived the other day. I'll read up on the tips to care for the leather and treat it this afternoon.
  12. SO.. do you like the black Dylan better?

    I can't see myself w/ pink, either, TBH.
  13. The Black Dylan is much, much better. I love it. So soft and smoochy.
  14. Did you post pix?
  15. I just bought the last Medium Dylan tote today in Teak from the Luna Boston site. I tried to buy it on Sunday when they had the 30% off and I had a $50 gift card to use, but it wouldn't process my order. I guess they are having some clutch when a gift card is used in the order. Well, Amanda pulled the last one for me on Monday, honored the 30% and it will be shipping out tomorrow. I always go through Mr. Rebates to to get the 6% cash back, well she added on that as an additional discount, because I wasn't able to order it online. They have the best customer service!!

    What do you ladies think of the color teak? I like the darker colors because I try to be careful with my bags and protect them but the light ones always get some sort of mark on it or start looking dirty and I hate that. I had to get rid of my Dylan Tote in persimmion, because it was getting marks on one side, the side I held against my body.