Lindy colour help


Which colour for a 30 clemence Lindy?

  1. gold with gold hw

  2. etoupe with palladium hw

  3. cafe with palladium hw

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Yes, I'm another Lindy convert.;) I'm interested in the 30cm in clemence and wanted opinions on colour. Out of those listed in the poll, which would you pick and why? I do adore all 3 colours and they work well with my skin tone so there are no issues on that front.

  2. Serenity, how funny that you put up this poll because I was just thinking of doing the same poll for myself for a Lindy 30.

    I voted for 30 Etoupe because I love that colour and I think the Lindy looks fantastic in it. Second choice was Gold with Gold !!
  3. After seeing the matte croc Lindy's in Le Monde, I vote CAFE!!!!!!!
  4. etoupe! It's so versatile!
  5. I voted cafe but only because I prefer etoupe in swift to clemence. If it were a swift 30 - I'd say etoupe in a heartbeat!

    I like gold but I don't love it in this shape.

    So cafe clemence with PH :okay:
  6. Jas, Luv2 thanks for your input!! I do really like etoupe. Got a few things in this colour already and thinking maybe I could go another Bearn wallet in etoupe.

    GF, you are evil! LOL!!!!! Wait, there's a pic somewhere of a Cafe Lindy, I believe. Was going thru my "Windows of the World" folder I keep on my pc (I'm sick, but gosh all those lovely H windows!!!)

    Ok, found it.

    GV early Sept 07c.JPG

    At least, I think that's Cafe. Could be Havanne in swift. Looks kinda clemence-y tho but hard to tell for sure. So adorable!
  7. I have a bag in cafe clemence, it's absolutely yummy! I vote cafe as well!
  8. Oh, I just realised it's the same pic as Luv2's siggy! Fab!!

    Handybags, etoupe in swift is sooo dreamy, I agree. If not for my rough nature, I would pick that but I can't do swift, at least not for the Lindy which will prolly end up being a much loved bag. <= euphemism for bashed around.
  9. DAMMIT - tha window pic makes me wish I'd got cafe, myself.....
  10. GF, that other bag in the glass cabinet yesterday was Café. Maybe you could exchange???

    And Serenity, your people could talk to our people in Sydney if you wanted the Café.
  11. SN ~ For You Only Gold w/Gold!!!!!:heart:

    All Three Are Gorgeous...Whatever You Choose I Know You Will Be Happy ;)
  12. Lol! Thanks Jas! You're too sweet! Our ppl actually have a Cafe in stock. That's what got my mind reeling for the Lindy again. I loved it when I first tried it on (etoupe swift) but then pushed it out of my mind, life happened, mundane boring stuff in between, etc.. and now Lindy love re-ignited! Lol! Would you happen to know if your Cafe is with ph or gh?
  13. Just to annoy you I have to choose something slightly different & say cafe with gold. :p
  14. Hahahaha!!! Gosh, I luv ya, J! Cafe with gold would be sublime, no?? But been thinking, just on what you and K said via email. Maybe the Lindy does not need further bling factor or enhancements but ooh it would be gorgeous!!! Jas, is Syd's gh?? LOL!
  15. The Café up here was PH.

    I am going through the same "process" as you are, Serenity. A Chartreuse Clemence Lindy 30 caught me off-guard yesterday. It was in the cabinet right next to "your" Café one. The whole experience put the Lindy back in my head again.