Lindsey question

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  1. The fushia Lindsey on the current online sale, are they deletes? Or mff?
  2. Its a delete. Its cheaper at the outlets, but if the outlets are really far from you i say go for it
  3. Deletes
  4. I was wondering if they are cheaper at the outlets. I have no outlets within a 2 day drive so I am going to think about this! Thanks for the help!
  5. Don't forget to factor in the gas and time to get to an outlet and that's if it's at that particular outlet.
  6. this.
  7. I would get it from the FOS....a lot of outlets don't have it anymore and at least this way you a guaranteed getting it, it's a gorgeous purse :smile:
  8. My outlet had 7 fuchsia Lindsey's left yesterday....