Lindsay Wearing A Green Potato Sack & Matching Contacts Shopping @ Stella McCartney !

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  1. I presume for more shoes ! :s


    Looking rather festive in a green potato sack dress and matching green contact lenses, Lindsay Lohan stepped out last night for the holiday window lighting of Stella McCartney's Beverly Hills boutique
  2. That's hideous.
  3. I really like her boots. Anyone know what brand they are?
  4. This girl needs a new stylist.
  5. Okay I Absolutely hate her outfit but I do think those contacts look HOT on her! LOL
  6. ok now she's really starting to scare me
  7. Lindsay's STELLAr Night (X17 Online)

    Lindsay had a pretty busy evening last night. From the Chris McMillan salon (where she got her hair do) then on to the Stella McCartney Store X-Mas window lighting party (we hear Kanye West did the honors), to her AA meeting and then to Guy's, she sure packed a lot into one evening! Here's video of her leaving the salon, then after a quick change, at the Stella McCartney store on Beverly. Love the color of her dress, though I'm not sure the shape is all that flattering, especially not with those black tights and black boots underneath.
  8. ewwww...I think that dress is awful

  9. Yes ! be afraid, be very afraid !!! :death:
  10. [​IMG]

    Heres the pic of the Stella dress on the runway.
  11. she is a little bit chunky for that dress...the model looks better in it.
  12. it would have looked 10x better without the thights.

    whats up with her in that video..shes hilarious. is that guy her bodyguard?
    and that 'salon' that she got out of, looks like a shed? lol
  13. Her with green contacts actually looks scary!
  14. suits the model, not Lindsay
  15. she looks soo pretty from the top ( head + hair) rest is :sick:

    btw she sometimes reminds me of Geri Halliwell at her ginger spice era :wtf:?