Lindsay & Kate Bosworth In Paris

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  2. That's Cool :yes:
    My mom was last in Paris
  3. Kate looks awful :wtf: That picture with the duck lips? Just scared the :censor: out of me :wtf:
  4. lindsay looks great!
  5. Yes Lindsay does look great and healthy with those extra lbs on her body
  6. I really like linds' bag.....
  7. Lilo looks gooorgeous .... but kate is :sick:
  8. :lol: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :lol:
  9. Lindsay looks good! I like her jacket and her purse of course!
  10. Gosh. I really thought Kate was uber gorgeous (back in the blue crush days) but now.... um, not so much!?!
  11. love those 2, but kate doesnt look so good....however tht guy she is hanging on too is gorgeous!!!!!
  12. Why is Lindsay wearing her purse on the same arm as her s:throwup: upposed injured wrist?
  13. love lindsay's hair....
  14. odd couple
  15. I am so sick of hearing about lindsay......but I do like kate bosworth.