Limited # of items you can sell in a 7 day period??!

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  1. Anyone else get this when listing on eBay? 5 days ago, I had several auctions end. Only 2 handbags-1 Chanel, 1 'cheapie'. All the rest were jeans- seriously, only 8 or so listings total. Mind you, I've been lucky so far & eBay hasn't cancelled any of my bag auctions *yet*. 2 days ago, I listed some bare minerals makeup (no biggie) & this morning, I listed an LV wallet. It seems to list OK but then when I went to revise it, just to change a picture, I get the message in so many words... "I'm sorry but your account has been limited to listing only a certain amount of items in a 7 day period" & it won't let me even revise my item! My auction is running right now but I look for eBay to pull it any time. Such BS.. I haven't sold over 15 items in the last 2 weeks & again, only 2 bags! :sad: That doesn't seem excessive to me & so what if I did sell alot of things. Isn't that what Ebay is for?! 5 years & over 900, 100% positive FB here too! Grrrrrr...
  2. Paparazzi-girl Victims

    Yes it happened to me last week.
    I could only list so many.

    Have u been on the forum eBay has? Maybe I'll check it and see what everyone's saying.

  3. hm, i wonder what the number is, and how the number increases.
  4. :nuts: ...

    Well, I'm glad it's not just me! I checked the ebay boards & didn't find anything.

    photo...This is a new limit they've imposed I'm sure. I've had selling binges of 20-30 things in the past & never had this happen. I wish I know what their new "magic" number was too!
  5. i just had the same prob, b/c i had to revise two of my listings!!!!!!!!!!!! i just shot them an email asking if they could remove whatever automatic ban they just put on me b/c i was just editing a listing!
  6. Your account has a restriction placed on it and in order to have it removed it
    has to be reviewed by ebay. You need to email them an ask them to review and remove the restriction on your account. Go to live help and ask them for the email link..

  7. Will do! Thanks~:smile: This is just silly though..:s At least they could have emailed & told me something~ I'm about done selling on Ebay anyway. Just too much crapola going on!
  8. That's so weird. I have 35 auctions going right now of things I'm selling and I've never gotten that message. *knock on wood*
  9. Well, I emailed them this morning & I just now got an email saying the restriction has been lifted. From the way the email was worded, I'm thinking that because I just sold a Chanel bag & then listed an LV wallet, they flagged my account. How picky can they be?! This is the email...It reveals more if anyone wants to read it..I feel like I'm being scolded for something I haven't done.

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the restriction you've

    In order to maintain a safe trading environment, a restriction was
    placed on your account to limit you from selling certain items. After
    further review, this restriction has now been lifted.

    Please note that potential violations of eBay policy may lead to
    possible selling restrictions or even to the suspension of your account.

    Please keep in mind that you are not permitted to sell items on eBay
    bearing the name or logo of a company if the product has not been made
    or authorized by that company. In addition, the sale of counterfeit
    items, unauthorized replicas and unauthorized copies is prohibited by
    law, and therefore cannot be listed on eBay. Please note that it is the
    seller?s responsibility to ensure that the items you are listing are
    lawful to sell.

    This policy helps protect buyers from purchasing counterfeit or
    fraudulent items and helps protect the intellectual property rights of
    third parties.

    As always, our goal is to keep the eBay marketplace a safe place to buy
    and sell. Under our User Agreement, we may remove listings if they
    breach one of our stated policies. Further, we may warn or suspend
    sellers whose activities breach our policies.

    I encourage you to read the information available on our Help pages
    about why we may remove items from the eBay site.

    Read eBay's policy on Replica, Counterfeit Items and Unauthorized

    Read more about why eBay may remove your listing:

    Thank you for using eBay for your online trading needs.


    eBay Customer Support
  10. i just got the same email in reply to my plea to take the restriction off. I was just trying to revisew!!!!!!!!

    they are idiots!
  11. Ebay counts every revision to a listing as creating a new listing.. hence if you listed 5 items and decided to revise them 2 times each.. technically they count it as 15 listings. Ebay is becoming really strange and annoying these days. :yucky:
  12. Good grief! You're kidding me!

  13. There should be someway they can tell if you are listing an item or revising it. I've never heard of limits. It's becoming too complicated to sell on Ebay anymore.