'Limited Editions' super sexy bags from this corner of the world..

  1. Not bad...
    Regina :tup:
  2. Thanks amnA for the info. Great red bag.
  3. That clutch is amazing!
  4. Normally, I am no fan of contrast stitching, but the one with the diamond stitching is cute. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Not my style honestly, but what are the price points?
  6. its very reasonable if u consider designer prices.. i think not a 100 percent sure but for example the clutch would be around say --- 60- 100 pounds i guess...

    bigger bags may range from 100 -150 i think..
  7. Wow I love that snake clutch!
  8. thanks for the pics!
  9. no problem!! and ur dog is ADORABLE .. i juss wanna eat it up ( said in a good loving way lol )
  10. I'm rather enjoying the first one - white / off-white number. It's nice to look at :smile:
  11. I like the ad campaign, very chic!
  12. I'm loving the red one...it's very pretty!
  13. The photos are awesome! Some of the bags are great too!