Limited Edition or Seasonal???

  1. Does anyone know if the East/West is going to be a seasonal bag or a limited edition? If it is a limited edition, how limited is it going to be?

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. any pics?
  3. I think this is an LE...

    Pls correct me if i'm wrong though.. Maybe Shalomjude can help as she wants one of these

    Here's a pic from
  4. I was under the impression as it was a show bag that it was of limited release?? I hope my store can secure one for me;)
  5. It's not consider LE but more of a show bag. It is not an easy bag to get and they arent mass produce.
  6. more of runway exclusive?
  7. its out for the season, usally limited items are part of the "les estrordinaries" collection but not always
  8. I have my name down for this bag and they release date is in June, from what my SA told me.
  9. My SA told me that the release date is April 1st and they will only receive 4 bags.
  10. JUNE:wtf: I was informed April 1st too BUT now it may be delayed for a couple of weeks ....PLUS my store may not receive any and only a few will be available at the global store here:sad:
  11. Please post pics if you end up getting one Shalomjude! :yes:
  12. ^^hehe we will see esp. as you know the store I am dealing with:p Good to see you here:heart:
  13. I saw smaller one in Red on Saturday. It looked so much better IRL, if I had gazillion dollars to spend, then I'll get it as a beach bag.....
  14. ^^that is what I keep reading too that it looks so much better IRL ..finger's crossed I am able to secure the PM in gold:heart:
  15. I saw this bag in orange on Friday. It's pretty cute. Just not for me.