Limited Edition Bags

  1. Almost finished my list.....last piece is to figure out limited edition lines and bags I need.

    Please add bags from 2001 onward...and ones I've forgotten (especially the pre-fall/pre-spring collections)

    Graffiti 2001
    Cherry Blossom 2003
    Glitter bags
    Cerises 2005
    Pre-Fall Stamped bag
    Waltz line..Oskar, Dora??, Macha??
    Eye series 2003
    Panda 2005
    Olympe 2007
    Dentelle 2007
    Stephen 2006

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Riveting? is that LE?
  3. ^^yup totally forgot about it!
    Also adding:

    Sophie 2007
    LOVE totes (1&2) 2007
    Button bags 2007
    Denim Patchwork 2007
    Perforated 2006
    Charms 2006
  4. Vienna F/W 2005
  5. Thanks Irene! I knew I was forgetting a big one!
  6. Velvet Chains
  7. Thanks Taco! That was different from the regular chains right?
  8. Mizi? Klara?
  9. The button bag in blue was sooo pretty....I saw a lady carring it today....its so much nicer carried then when I first saw it in stores.....:yes:
  10. Damier Vernis, Anouchka :smile:

    I think they are 2001?
  11. Thanks Daisy!
  12. cruise line spring of spring- every year.....

    100 year anniversary - damier design 1996
  13. there was the quilted denims and stamped bags. don't know which season though.
  14. thanks for the info!

    although Sophie came out in 2006....i got mine the first week of Dec 06!
  15. There's also the L.E. Robert Wilson and Fleurs Vernis collection. I think these were made available between 2000 - 2002.