Club Lily Lovers Club! XL & Medium Lily, Come Join...

  1. First, a BIG Thank You to coachfreak for the suggestion of a Lily Lovers Club!

    So let's get started, post your pics of your XL Lily and your Medium Lily!!!

    Here are my Whiskey, Atlantic & Black XL Lilys (all on PCE!)...
    IMGP0555tPF.jpg IMGP0556tPF.jpg IMGP0557tPF.jpg
  2. This is me and my XL in walnut, still in her packaging. After 3 weeks of deciding, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to exchange her for a medium. She's just too big for me :sad: She is gorgeous, but too big for my needs. I got her with a PCE so I hate to lose out on the savings, but I'm going to exchange her this weekend for a black medium lily. So I'll still be in the family!

  3. Yes...Thank you Coachfreak and Coachgrl!! I love my Lily too! :heart:

    and.....Here she is!!
    Picture 118.jpg Picture 120.jpg Picture 116.jpg Picture 117.jpg
  4. Is that XL the regular Lily or is there an uber ulta huge size?? How much is that one??

  6. Yes, the XL is the Regular/Original Lily Released in 2007.

    I guess I don't have to say that I LOVE Lily! :heart:

    I first purchased the Whiskey because I thought it was the most neutral color for me. Then I bought the Atlantic, just in case I'd like the color because I hadn't seen it IRL! By the time the next PCE came along, I was so smitten that I ordered the Black, well she's just a Classic!

    I don't carry alot, nor do I carry the same bag everyday, so she's not too heavy for me. But it's nice that the Medium was designed to offer more ladies the option of having one of these Gorgeous bags!
  7. Whoa:wtf: Coachgrl, three! I nominate you for President of our club!:tup::tup:
    How were you able to get Atlantic with PCE? You're one lucky girl. I have to get pics of my Atlantic Lily to post.
  8. There was a Lily that was like $1800 that was a carryon. Is that the one you are talking about? Or the regular $1200 Lily? And then there is the medium Lily for $800...
  9. The XL is referring to the Lily that retails for 1198 and the Medium is referring to the Lily that retails for $798. Certainly post any other Lily that you have!:tup:
  10. Are all the Lily Lovers posting on the Ergo Lovers thread?

    Where are you?

    (Obviously, no offense to Ergo Lovers, as I am one of them, too!)
  11. I'm in I'm in!:yahoo:
  12. Lovely, Lovely, Thanks for posting!

    Do you enjoy wearing yours? And do you get compliments on her?
  13. It has been a CRAZY day!

    Here are my beauties!:blush:

    I must admits Coachgrl has managed to make me jealous! :cry:AND she got her's on PCE! You go girl!
  14. I did not realize anyone had three. Really great collection!:tup::tup::tup:
    Any plans to get a Mini ?:woohoo:
  15. :dothewave: I LOVE YOUR LILY COLLECTION!!!

    I am so jealous!! I'm dying to get one!!