Lily Allen Blames Cheryl Cole for 'fat & Ugly' Crisis

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  1. Lily Allen has blamed Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole for sending her into a spiral of depression over her looks.
    The 22-year-old singer posted a tearful confession on her Myspace page complaining she felt "fat and ugly" and saying she was considering plastic surgery.
    Now Allen has revealed it was brought on by reading hurtful comments in which Cole branded her a "chick with a d***".

    Lily Allen has blasted Cheryl Cole for comments made on Gordon Ramsay's show

    In her latest post, Allen said Cole's jibe - coupled with the constant comparisons to supermodel Kate Moss as they launched rival fashion ranges - which pushed her over the edge.

    And she hit back with a furious rant at Cole, referring to her by her maiden name, Tweedy.

    She wrote: "Hi guys, I'm sorry if I worried anyone with the blog I wrote yesterday. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I've been reading all your comments and they have made me realise there is more to life than being thin! So thank you.

    "I think I was just having a hard time last week after reading Cheryl Tweedy's comments branding me a 'chick with a d***'.
    "I was feeling pretty low and as well as that, some of you might know I launched my clothing line for New Look last Tuesday, and seeing my picture in so many newspapers next to Kate Moss's made me feel grotesque momentarily.


    Comparisons to supermodel Kate Moss (right) have taken their toll on the singer

    "I know it's a silly way to feel and I am incredibly proud of myself and my achievements over the past year. There are so many good things about my life. I really am incredibly lucky. I guess it shows how much of an effect the media can have on us young ladies."

    And in a blast at Cole, who is married to Chelsea star Ashley, she wrote: "I know I've said bad things about people in the past, though the majority of them have been blown way out of proportion, but this I mean.
    Lily Allen posted this shot of her in tears on her MySpace page

    "Cheryl, if you're reading this, I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write and SING my own songs without the aid of autotune. I must say taking your clothes off, doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer must be very gratifying, your mother must be so proud, stupid b****."
    Cole made her comments during an appearance on Gordon Ramsay's Channel 4 show The F Word.

    Lily Allen shows off the treats she's been pigging out on during her 'fat and ugly' crisis on her MySpace page
  2. Lily Allen is beautiful, she doesn't look like a diecast copy of every other skinny celeb. Ceryl Cole has hideous dress sense and comes across as being utterly dull

    Lilly rocks!
  3. I like her music a lot, very talent.
  4. I don't like Lily Allen, she does nothing but insult people. As far as I know Lily said something about Cheryl first, which is why Cheryl shot back with the "chicks with d***s" comment.
  5. lily is indeed cute and talented BUT she needs to work on her behavior toward ppl...
  6. I do like Lilly, am not sure how old she is, but she just comes across as a bit naive and immature. Can't stand Cheryl Tweedy, though, she never has many nice things to say about people either! I know Cheryl and Charlotte Church have exchanged unkind words to each other too!
  7. I did watch the Gordon Ramsey show last night, and it was actually Gordon who called Lilly the chick with a dick, and then asked Cheryl to comment, and she just replied with what Gordon said.

    That said, they are all immature, with far too much money, and no bloody class or style. You should have seen Gordons face with them in his restaurant, knowing that they would much rather have a macdonalds milkshake :biggrin:
  8. Lily Allen needs to get a life and stop using other celeb's names to gain publicity.:rolleyes:
  9. and stop feeding all her sad little insecurites to all of her blog fans too :biggrin:
  10. same girl who publicly berates Britney yes?

    Karma sister!
  11. I dont like both to be honest. They say think they need to learn not to say, and lets just say neither are good role models!
  12. Cherly is phenominally gorgeous....Lily is young, and needs to grow up....ppl are going to say mean things about you...that's life. get it together girl.
  13. Cheryl's up her own arse, i don't like her at all, but Lily says alot of things about celebs too, that might hurt their feelings so i think they are both in the wrong
  14. This is Cheryls reply to the ***** comment (its from NW website):

    Chezza has hit back with a beauty.

    "Lily, I'm currently on an arena tour," Cheryl said. "I could find you a spare ticket if you'd like to come and experience what a live arena tour is like... as it's the closest you'll get to it."

    Chez also says, "Yes I was *****y about her, but I didn't mention her weight. I have had enough of her and her big mouth. Over the last few months, she's called Nicola ugly, she called Sarah vile and my husband horrendous, but she seems to have conveniently forgotten all of that." Love. It.
  15. I don't think Lilly is cute at all, but she's not ugly either. She doesn't have good fashion sense either.

    But, she's very talented musically.

    She really ought to keep her negative and dergoatory comments to herself though. I heard also that she'd slagged Cheryl off first, so I think she deserved it.

    And anyway, chick with a dick has got nothing to do with Lilly's weight, so I don't know why she made it into that. Her weight was never mentioned - she only said that on her MySpace because weight/eating disorders and size zero is a very touchy subject at the moment and it would get her the sympathy vote. Coming from someone who's suffered with an ED for 12 years - I know.