Lilac Work wasn't anybody looking for this ?

  1. Lilac Work at Elisebeth Thomas website, a little veiny but with conditioning I think this one could look gorgeous!

    The Work Bag - Lilac#
  2. wow, that's so weird, i didn't think balenciaga allowed online sales (?) :shrugs:
  3. I am looking for a work! Thanks!
  4. ^ I was just going to pm you :smile:

  5. OMG...If I didnt have to pay for 4 rent I would buy that bag right now!!!;)
  6. You can buy online at Styledrops also. They started carrying Balenciaga relatively recently. I've already purchased from them.
  7. I thought styledrops sold fake bags???
  8. ^no, they sell all authentic and have an amazing variety of authentic bags from many different designers. They're just outrageously priced and rarely (if ever) worth it.