Lilac Wallet

  1. Are there any lilac wallets in the next collection? Can you tell it's my favorite color?
  2. i hope so - or hopefully at least a mini skinny or wristlet!

    i'm glad the lilac will be made in leather this time around. i really dislike it in suede - hard to keep clean!
  3. I have seen the leather lilac wallets in outlets now in MD & DE.
  4. lilac is my fave as well.. but a certain kind of lilac..ahaq
  5. it was all lilac at the outlet in tannersville, pa! so pretty!
  6. They had a good supply at my outlet last week too, I think they were outlet-only. Slim polished calfskin (no checkbook holder) on sale for 79.99.
  7. I've seen the lilac, but what is the darker shade of purple called that's at the outlets? it's very pretty also.
  8. i wish they still have the medium mini skinny also =) i missed that the last time coach has it....
  9. I LOVE the lilac Coach in the lurex fabric! SO pretty!
  10. I have a lilac wallet that I got at the outlet this past year. It's all leather and a very beautiful shade of lilac. I got it to match my Spring Hamptons Patchwork tote and it was a great match.
  11. The outlet is too far for me. I've never even been, it's about 4 housrs away. I'd love to check it out, but it's just never convinient.
  12. When will see the spring line on line, not just in the catalog?
  13. Love lilac. I hope it's one color they will always have.
  14. I just bought my first Coach(es) ever--at the Lahaina Whaler's Village store on Maui--it was a lilac suede handbag and wristlet, on sale--love the color but am concerned about how to keep it clean....will Applegard be ok to use on it?
  15. using the finger nail file has been a hot topic with me. Yup...that's what i'll do i'll buy a suede wristlet and see how well I can keep it clean:yes: