Lilac Draped Pochette--wow, that's expensive!

  1. ttp://

    Fashionphile has one, with a BIN of $7199 for a pochette!!!!!

    I like collecting Lim. Ed. Pochettes, but man, that pochette is equal to all of the below, BRAND NEW!:

    an Epi Soufflot in Red AND Black: $2080
    a Manosque GM: $1740
    an MC Aurelia GM: $1800
    a Myrtle Jasmine: 1040
    and a sac rabat of any color: $525

  2. Let-Trade had it for $1500 a few months back. I should of bought it!

  3. $1500 :nuts:

    Wow, you should have! I wonder who ended up with it?
  4. Pricey bag! $1500 sounds good to me compared to $7199!
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