lilac '06 city! Livethelake?!

  1. OMG....~gorgeous~

    Go get it livethelake!!!
  2. wow, where is she, she's gotta get this bag, it's been calling her!!!
  3. what a beautiful bag! where's ltl???????
  4. Don't you guys think the leather looks good on this bag? She could do the lotion method to get it more mat. I would have snagged it but I am wanting the work.
  5. definitely zacorey, somebody's gotta PM her & let her know :yes:
  6. bama-sweetie, i've just PM'd her
  7. good job BooYah-girl, thank you so much, i hope she gets it :love:
  8. bama-girl, I hope she gets it too ;) or any other lovely PFer :yes:
  9. Well ... see ... vive la difference; my Ink Shopper is starting to get more matte and I don't like that!! How do I get it shinier?!?! :biggrin:
  10. Oh! I hope livethelake gets it! I know she's been wanting a lilac!!!
    Thanks zacorey for the heads up!!
  11. Cate- I :heart: :heart: :heart: your lilac bag so much!
  12. Ooooh, she's pretty! I hope livethelake gets it!
  13. You guys are too much!!! I just saw saw this thread :smile:

    Boo - thanks for the PM! I have it on my watch list now...but you know, I really want a lilac work...

    And Zacorey - damn, are soooo lucky I got so busy at work today I forgot to call Gretta-Luxe...your gorgy new work would have been MINE!!!

    Cate - your city has me on a mission for a squishy, purpleish I know they do exist :love:
  14. Aw, thank you zacorey...And I just found out that you're now a proud owner of a lovely work! :heart: :heart: Congrats, and welcome to the lilac club!! :flowers:

    Live - I hope you find it!! We'll keep a lookout for all things lilac for you!! :yes: