Lil Ukita in Hazelnut - Reveal with mod pics

  1. Bought this darling on a total impulse :smile:

    Please excuse my jammies and bad hair, today is a work from home day ;)

    I'm 5'2 and ~108 lbs for reference.



  2. cute cute! congrats!
  3. lovely, versatile color and great bag!
  4. super cute! congrats! thanks for the modeling pics too!
  5. cute! she looks darling on you even in jammies!
  6. Very nice... i like the colour!
  7. Super cute. I love this bag!
  8. Cute and nice color!! Congrats!!
  9. :O!! Congratulations! I absolutely love this colour.
  10. Adorable bag, love the silver hardware. It is great that you can also wear it crossbody too! Congrats and thank you for your modelling pics.
  11. That is a beautiful bag and I love your modelling photos! They really help me put the bag into perspective because I haven't seen it in person yet.
  12. Love this! Very subtle colour as well.
  13. Love the colors! Congrats!
  14. gorgeous color! may you have many happy outings together! thanks for the reveal, I was curious about the Hazelnut color.
  15. Gorgeous color! Enjoy :smile: