light silver or black cotton club

  1. I have the opportunity to buy this bag, which one would be a better choice, the light silver or black cotton club tote. Can you guys please give your opinions. Thanks
  2. I have this bag in silver. I chose the silver because I wanted a light color and since I have a fear of carrying white bags, I thought this would be a nice alternate choice for me. This is the lightest color bag that I own. I really love it. I hope to get a white bag one day, but for now, this works out great.

    I think the black is also very nice, but I wanted a light color summer tote.
  3. I like both black and light silver.
  4. I think black, only b/c I can't carry any big bags that are a light color or they will get ruined.
  5. does anybody out there have a picture of them carrying the black cotton club in black or light silver? just so I can see how it looks
  6. I love my silver tote because of it's sheen in different lighting.
  7. black...go to the reference thread for some pics. hth =)
  8. I'd say light silver.. The had an opportunity before too to grab a black, but has no appeal on me..
  9. Light silver stands out more for me. It has this gorgeous pearly sheen that is just beautiful!
  10. i have the bag in light silver so i am partial to that. But it all depends on your clothes and the bags that you currently have. Good luck on your decision
  11. Jen has it on the Your Chanel In action Post. :biggrin: