Light OR Dark color B-bag??

  1. Do you think B-bag look better in light color (white, pink, red, etc) or dark color (ink, black, blueberry, etc)?? I personally like my b-bag to be in light color because the light color makes the style & hardware stands out more. However, I hate light color bbags because they get dirty easily. What do you all think? :amuse:
  2. I prefer the darker colors. I don't mind the white one but that would just be dirty.
  3. I have both types and I love both. I think you're able to tell what's what in black or in white.
  4. I prefer darker colors because it's much easier to take care of but then that wouldn't stop me from thinking of getting a rouge vif soon.
  5. In an ideal world I love to have both. There are so many pretty colours! But in my reality, I can't do light-coloured Bbags. I would be too stressed over any dirt and scuffing, etc. I don't like stessing, have enuf to deal with as it is to have to include potential dirty bag-related stress. That said, I myself don't tend to categorise red or cornflower blue, for example, as light colours. They're more a medium colour, which I wouldn't mind doing, lol! Pale rose, lilac, calcaire, sky n ice blues, etc.. that's light to me.
  6. i have both colours... (white and a black and not to forget cornflower) i love them both... i really dont mind if them get dirty or not.. bags are bags and we should use them!!! i change b-bag colours to go with my outfit OR i just use which ever one i fee like.. if i could carry all 3 at the same time then i would!!!
  7. LOL, Helen! I would love to see you carry all 3 at the same time! That would be so priceless.:greengrin:
  8. I prefer darker colors, black, red, emerald, etc. - but that's just me.
  9. i have a light color twiggy.. my next one will definitely be in darker colors just coz i freak out when something touches my bag.......
  10. all my bbags are dark colors (ink, teal, origan), these are just so much easier to take care of!
  11. I say both! I have yet to see a bbag color I absolutely dont like.
  12. oh, i love them all. but i prefer darker. the lightest color i got is only pistachio :P
  13. I prefer light colors. IMO they suit more with the style of the bag.
  14. I like to look at both...I prefer to carry darker colored mentioned above, less maintenance/fewer care issues...
  15. I think they are all beautiful, but for me personally, I need to stick with dark colors. With two small children, it is hard to keep anything light colored clean.