Light gold hardware vs gold hardware

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  1. hey all! I know this has probably been discussed a million times, but I wanted to get your opinions on LGH vs GH on a caviar square mini. I’m a black caviar / gold hardware kind of girl. I carry my jumbo flap all the time and have been hunting for a square mini. I found one with LGH, but wondering if I’ll regret it bc I’m such a fan of the reg gold hardware. How silver does it look? Can it be easily mistaken for silver? Thanks in advance!!
  2. I'm a gold hardware kind of girl as well, and most my chanel bags are black. I own both LGH and GH, and I find I'm a bigger fan of the LGH. The tone/color of it matches my real gold jewelry + rose gold jewelry better than the GH, and is perfectly subtley dressy-- not as in-your-face as the GH. I don't find that it's easily mistaken for silver; silver hardware is a lot more cooltoned to me.

    I'll update later with pictures of comparison when I'm home :smile:
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  3. Another vote for Light GHW! It looks just gold in real life. Nothing like silver. Now that Chanel keeps making lghw, I’m so glad they did! It looks much more youthful and elegant :smile:. After comparison, the original GHW looks too yellow for me :doh:
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  4. I love gold hardware but I love the light gold hardware even more :smile: It is chic and classy, subtile and elegant!
    Good luck deciding
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  5. Thank you! Can’t wait to see the pictures
  6. Thanks all! Does anyone have mod shots they can post? It’s hard to tell from up close pics
  7. I'm a SHW girl at heart, but my Mini Rectangular in black caviar leather has LGH and I personally think it could never be mistaken for silver. Maybe I'm just too crazy about SHW but to me it definitely is gold.
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  8. There is absolutely nothing you should worry about :biggrin:. Here i’ve taken some pix for you to illustrate the difference. I think you should be able to tell between the GHW, LGHW vs SHW? If anything ghw vs lghw is sooo close. You will have no regrets! You will regret getting a lghw if shw is what you’re after :P

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  9. Here are photos of my black caviar Mini with LGH! The first is inside and the other picture is outside on a sunny day

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  10. Omg! Did this just come out?
  11. No it‘s from 2017!
  12. I also prefer the LGH, looks more sparkly to
    me. I have been told the M/L and jumbo classic flaps in black caviar will continue to
    only be made in GH and SH because they don’t want to “mess with the classics”, has anyone else heard this? Have they ever made a quilted classic flap in black caviar with LGH that i missed??
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  13. Does anyone know what’s the Chanel code for light gold hardware? The upcoming season has m/l flaps coming where the hardware states SHLG. I am thinking LG stands for ‘light gold’ ? But wanted to confirm. Thanks in advance!
  14. Yes your correct. When letters end with "LG" it's light gold.
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  15. Thank you so much! Now I am super excited!!!
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