Lifetime: Television For Women

  1. I Love Lifetime Movies: :love:

    There are a couple of my favourite movies that stand out in my mind for being such powerful stories, they are:

    A woman Scorned, The Betty Broderick Story & Human Trafficking.

    Do you watch Lifetime movies ?
  2. The only reason I watch Lifetime is for the Golden Girls. Most of those movies I can't really stomach- although I'm sure some are better than others.
    I always joke with my friends that most of those movies seem to be about no-good husbands/husband gets killed by wife, mistress or jealous boyfriend, etc.
  3. I love all those movies. I just watched that one with Tori Spelling and that jealous girl who killed her. And that same girl was in the movie about being kidnapped (she had red hair) and found out she was the "girl on the milk carton".

    I watch all those movies! HE HEE

  4. I LOVE LIFERS!!!! B. broderick is going to town right now!!! and Human Traficking was AWESOME!! Did you see the one the other night with Eric Roberts...fell in love with a lady on line ...went bad (ofcourse) IT WAS GOOD!!!
  5. I also watch Lifetime, but only for the Golden Girls, The Nanny, and Frasier. The movies always follow one of a few themes:
    1. battered woman escaping
    2. femme fatal seducing a man
    3. the solving of a crime

    I saw the one with Anne Heche and Ric Roberts too- it was almost like softcore porn in a couple spots! I do like all the B-list has beens though! (Delta Burke, etc.)
  6. I think I love Eric Roberts...(shhhhh!!!! ) not as much as Jonathon Anton ( I know...) Im hopeless.

  7. Yes I saw the one with Eric Roberts it was really good. Ive seen alot of the movies a couple of times each. Human Trafficking was so incredible.
  8. I watch them twice or more as well! Love Daniele Steele movies too!! (Fine things) etc..
  9. There is nothing better on a lazy Sunday. I love watching Lifetime when I'm not busy. Its mindless entertainment. :P
  10. I love Lifetime =D.. I love watching Golden Girls. My favorite movie is Plaine Truth, Mariska Hargitay stars in it... Another favorite of mine is the one with Delta Burke as the mother with a gambling addiction..
  11. OR the Hiedi Fliess story!!! That was great!!!! OH!!! and the one about the Hotel owner that went to prison for tax evasion...loved that too!!!
  12. haha can't say that I do. My husbands mom watches it I catch some movies while I'm over there and they are always so cheesy. hehe sorry.

  13. I :love: the Betty Broderick Story!!! She's so angry it's fabulous. I watched Eight Days To Live this past Sunday. Oh my god I was hysterical. It was about this teenager who goes to a party a few hours away from his house for the weekend and then disappears. His mother tries to retrace his steps and figure out where he went and where the car could be. She needs to reach him by the 8th day because that is how long he would survive without food or water. I was crying hysterically because I couldn't imagine what I'd do if my parents or my sister went missing and they were out there possibly alive and I couldn't find them or help them. Gotta love Lifetime!:biggrin:
  14. I watch a lot of Lifetime Movies. Human Trafficking was one of my favorites too.
  15. I'm soooo mad that I missed "Plain Truth"...I don't normally watch Lifetime movies, but I really wanted to see that one because I had read the book and I like Mariska Hargitay (she's so good in Law & Order). I'm hoping to find it on dvd or something.

    I mostly only watch Lifetime for "The Golden Girls." Every once in a while I'll watch a movie though.