LH capacity and BH size comparison

  1. Since so many have been asking about this bag, I'm posting my LH loaded up today--laptop included! Held it all with no problem!

    I've also posted two side by side photos with my BH. It really isn't longer, just a tad taller.

    The handles of the LH are a little shorter. It still fits easily on the shoulder, but can more easily be handheld than the BH.

    If you like the BH but want a zippered top, check out the LH!
    lhfull.jpg lhcontents.jpg sizecompare1.jpg sizecompare2.jpg
  2. thanks for this. i love both bags. leaning towards buying the bh more since it's a lot more lv for my money. but the lh is also very pretty. can a laptop fit in your bh as well?
  3. thanks for the pics!!!

    did the rolled hanldes hurt your shoulders when you had your laptop in the LH???
  4. thanks! these pics make me kinda want a lockit!
  5. makeupmama: My laptop does fit in my bh, but barely. Where the bh narrows at the top, the laptop is a very tight squeeze. If you're thinking of putting a laptop in, definitely measure it and compare it to the top width.

    Jill: The LH didn't hurt my shoulder any more than any other heavy bag would. I weighed it, and with everything it was 12 pounds (it weighs less than half a pound empty) and I had a 10-15 minute walk. I was a little sore when I got to the office, but I don't think that flat handles would have made a difference.
  6. Thx for posting the comparison pics!!!
  7. great pix! thanks!:biggrin:
  8. Thanks! Ive been wondering about that for awhile! WOW the lockit fits A LOT!
  9. Thanks for the pictures...wow, I didn't think that the BH's size is almost similar to the LH...LV continues to amaze me...
  10. great visuals, thanks! what is the size of your laptop, if you don't mind me asking?

    i'd also like to add... i have a 15.4" widescreen/6 lb. notebook, and it definitely does not fit in the BH. even if it did, the BH is not a very structured bag, and it wouldn't be very comfortable using it to as a laptop bag/case. I think the LH is a better choice... very roomy!
  11. Wow! Very helpful pics!! Thx!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes:
  12. thanks ck!!! i totally can't wait now until September..LOL.
  13. thanks for sharing.. helpful indeed :smile:
  14. great post, thanks :smile: