Let's talk Sheets!!!

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  1. I want to change my entire bedroom. Time for something new.
    Tell my your favorite sheets with thread count;)
  2. I have http://www.thomasleeltd.com/sheets.cfm these sheets and they're amazing! The thread count is 500; they're very soft but also somewhat crisp. I haven't had any issues with threads unraveling or the wash messing them up at all. I can't say enough about them.
  3. John Robshaw linens and Peacock Alley are my favorites.
  4. I think Calvin Klein bedding is amazing. It's not cheap so I always buy it on sale.
  5. I love CK too & Egyptian cotton sheets :biggrin:
  6. I have 800 thread count plain white sheets. I like them that way because I like to bleach them when I wash them, it just feels cleaner.
  7. i just bought a set of heirloom sheets from llbean. i LOVE them. i am super picky and these feel great. i am reall happy with them and plan on buying more.
  8. Frette
  9. #9 Jan 31, 2010
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    Satin, don't ask me why.. BF is sensitive and prefers them to regular.

    I love a good stiff white cotton sheet (hotel style) but I'm getting used to the satin, it's a compromise however I'd like to get a lighter color like in the pic, they're hard to find though. Right now I got a set of red and black from the linens n things going out of business sale.
  10. Right now DH & I have a ralph lauren matching bedset on our bed & the thread count is 400, i think. Love it. I've had supposedly high thread count sheets feel thin or pill on me, but the RL just feels quality & gets softer with each wash.
  11. Thanks all!!!!!
  12. I love high-thread count bedlinens but don't always love the prices so I browse Overstock.com periodically looking for bargains. I've also found good deals at thecompanystore.com.

    I looooove the Eileen Fisher Home collection, BTW.
  13. Ralph Lauren.

    There was an article a few years ago--was it on the Washington Post web site or maybe a decorating blog?--in which the writer bought a whole bunch of high-end sheets and actually counted the threads. She found that the advertised thread counts were often not anywhere near the sheets' actual thread counts. Think the article was called something like "The Lie of Sheet Thread Counts."
  14. Before getting engaged i had always admired these sateen, Egyptian Brushed cotton sheets. They were only sold in Myer stores in Aus as far as i know. Cost a FORTUNE even when they were on sale at %70 off, so you can imagine how expensive. But they are the most divine, Softest, smoothest sheets ever. Nothing compares so far. I cant remember the thread count. It was back about 13 years when no-one knew what that meant. Still so amazing to sleep on.
  15. I have totally super ultra gorgeous cotton high thread-count sheets from Australia that I bought a couple of years ago. No longer avail. Thank goodness I got extra king flat sheets just in case. (I LOVE these sheets!) Boticelli was the name of the design, fyi.

    Wash your new glam sheets in cold water ALWAYS and dry on low temps ALWAYS to help them last forever.

    Have fun!
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