Let's talk money here...


Mar 1, 2007
Over the rainbow
Not just any purse, but for a great Dior, what would you pay? Top dollar that you would shell out for something you really really wanted? Do you pay cash? Do you put it on the credit? Do you hide your purchased from DH? (if married).

After discovering that things on elux go on sale, and the avail of wonderful things on ebay I simply cannot bring myself to spend full price for a bag- And I do lie to DH about how much things cost.. upwards of 50%!!! lol, he has no clue. And when I tell him things cost $1500 and I got it for $400 he seems rather pleased lol. I have yet to buy a bag I didnt have immediate cash for... but I could see myself loading up the cc to get what I want..

I dont know what my limit would be. I see myself buying a gaucho soon, and that will be a pretty penny. . .I'd say I'd spend no more than $1800 for a bag... hmmm. . . seems like a lot.. maybe too much.
Feb 28, 2007
The most I ever spent was about $1700 for my pink Lady Dior. That bag never goes on sale, so it was well worth it. I don't know if I'd spend that much again.


Oct 18, 2006
my costliest dior is probably the gold gaucho. that said, i hate to even think about how much i've spent in total on dior after joining TPF. and YESSSS!!! i fibb about the prices of my bags because my purse-hating bf would probably kill me for prioritising bags over food, coffee, etc.

it seems like the prices for dior is climbing by quite a bit (the jeannes in particular) which is also why i've not been buying anything. :sad: (that and the fact that i'm squirrelling everything now in anticipation of paris in june!)


will work for shoes
Dec 16, 2005
There is a limit to how much money I will pay for a bag. That said, I have broken through my ceiling on occasion for a bag I thought I would never get otherwise - although, in retrospect I have regretted those purchases.

For Dior, I would not pay more than retail - and I have learned to be patient and see if a "deal" can be had.

I too tell my DH that I get most of my bags on sale; this must be why he thinks they are sooo overpriced - since I am always telling him they get marked down so much I guess in a way I am undervaluing them. :P