Lets talk Chevre Mysore!

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  1. I'm constantly surprized by how different chevre looks even just on accessories which are all suppose to be mysore... :confused1: So my question is between the two chevre's No1. and No.2 which is more durable/wont soften up too much for wallets/more desirable? Or are they both equally gorgeous and its just me?!

    I personally love the lines on No.2 but its so difficult to have the right hardware, color and type of mysore! Or am I just too picky? TIA :heart:


  2. Beautiful both of them. I like no 2 slightly better.
  3. I don't think the difference matter in how the wallets would wear...Mysore is Mysore.

    If there would be any difference is would be due to differences in how the leather was cured, dyed etc...and you can't account for that.

    Get what you love..and if it is not the right combo or hardware and color, wait a bit and the right one wil come along.
  4. I Bin so fast - being the impulse buyer that I am... I don't even know what chevre is this? Help!

    [​IMG] Click on photo to enlarge! Photo# ( 5 & 6 )
  5. Click on photo to enlarge! Photo# ( 5 & 6 ) [​IMG]
  6. quinn's mom: thanks for your response. yes i didnt think its a big deal but I really like the leather on my keyholder but my wallet is slightly "smoother" but its got the right combo still so I think I'll keep it. hard to score the right "leather" when they are all mysore! as long as they wear the same I'm glad! Thanks again
  7. I agree with Quinn's Mom - I think regardless of color dye, all mysore products would be as durable as the next. They are all so luxurious to the touch!

    Hermes is definitely teaching me to be patient because they don't always have the color/hardware combo's I'm after... but the wait is definitely worth it! :yes:
  8. luxurylife, I think yours should be mysore!
  9. Thanks pyrexia!:smile:
  10. ^^^luxury: I agree its mysore, because I dont see the spine
  11. Yorelica, I like them both...any kind of chevre is great with me, as long as it fits the specs, as the others stated. Both look beautiful, I just love the way that Chevre takes colors.
    And LL88, your new Kelly is simply beautiful. If it is Violet, which I believe you said it is, than it is chevre mysore, because Violet was not made in Coromandel. Congratulations on it!~!~
  12. MrsMorris: Maybe you can help me with my many mysore questions! Wow.violet only made in mysore? It that the only color thats made in chevre mysore? is it still available? Sorry so many questions!!
  13. Turquoise was also only made in Mysore; Vermillion was done in both CDC and Mysore. Violet accessories are still floating around; I have not seen Violet on a bag for awhile though.
  14. There are probably many members who might be of more use to you than I, but I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability/knowledge.
    As far as I know "violet" was only ever produced in Chevre Mysore and then in limitedly in some exotics such as Ostrich and Crocs.
    As far as the availability of chevre mysore in general is concerned there is some disagreement between the information that has been available to those of us on tPF. Some of us have heard that all chevre (i.e. Coromandel and Mysore) orders have been replaced with
    Coromandel Souple and I actually heard that there were some remaining limited supplies of Chevre Mysore, so that one could still order a smaller bag in Mysore.
    However, I just had a big mix-up with an order at my store and they may have been extending the availibility of mysore to me as a courtesy simply because of this error. I can't be sure. I only possit this, because no one else seems to feel that mysore was available for this podium.
    I hope that this helps a little, and I apologize for my train-of-thought writing.

  15. Sorry, I initially answered that questioned incorrectly and Orchids is completely correct that many colors are made in Chevre Mysore. In addition to Violet, I have seen Turquoise, Potiron, Vermillion, Brighton Blue, Vert Anis, and others....